Jerusalem Post Aliyah Portal

The Jerusalem Post, Israel's largest English-speaking media outlet, is launching an aliyah portal, to bring you all the resources you need to prepare for a move to Israel - and to be successful when you get to Israel. Enjoy the inspiration!

  SEAGAL HAGEGE: A Jersey girl in Israel.

Seagal Hagege: The Jersey girl on a mission help IDF reservists during wartime

Seagal Hagage always dreamed of making aliyah, but lacked purpose. October 7 gave her the chance to find fulfillment and meaning in her life.

Israel offers substantial grants to attract immigrant doctors to Gaza border region

"This program is a game-changer for the rehabilitation of the area," said Aliyah and Integration Minister Ofir Sofer. "We're not just improving healthcare; we're rebuilding communities."

Ari Grazi and Lübba Wintzer: Making aliyah with no regrets

When Ari Grazi asked Lübba Wintzer out on a date, she said it would only be if he wanted to make aliyah. But he had already resolved to do so two months prior.

Aliyah org. launches model for English-speaking Olim amid increased demand

"We are excited to bring Israela's proven expertise to English-speaking communities," says Colonel Vach. "Aliyah is a response to strengthening Israel amidst adversity."

No Time: Liberman calls on French Jews to flee to Israel after far-left victory in France

French Jews were plagued on both sides of the political spectrum by extreme candidates, some with a long history of antisemitism and some with a very recent history. 

Practicing law in Israel: Advice for olim hadashim

The reality is when families wait too long to make aliyah, they usually just do not come.


Chief Rabbi Lau: Ethiopian Christian missionaries infiltrating Israel, end aliyah initiative

It is "time to treat applicants from Ethiopia the same as anyone who applies from anywhere else in the world," said Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi of Israel David Lau.

South African jazz with a Jewish soul

'My music represents something pure and uniquely Jewish that speaks to everybody.'

New immigrants to Israel find solace, strength in community during wartime

As the war rages on, the efforts of Shishi Shabbat Yisraeli demonstrate the power of community in helping new immigrants find their place and purpose in Israel.

 Joel Wolowelsky

Reinventing life in Jerusalem, after 55 years of teaching in Flatbush

'It’s meaningful and a privilege to be here at this crucial point in Jewish history,' Wolowelsky said.

Building Bridges: MASA's international educators impacting Israeli youth

These young fellows made the decision to teach in Israel, giving to remote communities, and getting back in return.


Florida families glowing with joy over upcoming aliyah

Beyond the headlines: A weekly glimpse into the Israel you don't read about in the news

Aliyah Commandos: Fighting to save North American Jews

'It’s clear the time is now to come back to your Land'

Ahead of Shavuot: 602 Ruths and Naomis make aliyah in the past decade

The Aliyah and Integration Ministry reported that in the last decade, 602 women named Ruth and Naomi have made aliyah to Israel, reflecting cultural and historical connections.

Belong - The private company on a mission to bring Jews to Israel

Belong is the first-ever private company promoting immigration to Israel. Now, It is more essential than ever to bridge the gap between Jews worldwide and their homeland.

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