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Court finds Joe Biden's son guilty of lying about drug use to buy gun

Biden’s lawyers sought to show he was not using drugs when he bought the gun and did not intend to deceive because he didn’t consider himself a drug user when he filled out the form.


American culture war: The issues that divide Trump, Biden supporters in US

Both Biden and Trump supporters agree it is crucial for law enforcement to keep communities safe, to treat people equally regardless of race or ethnic group, and on discussing mental health issues.

Some Jewish groups protest Biden’s executive order on immigration, but others are staying silent

Some American-Jewish groups condemned Biden’s executive order, citing Jewish values.


AIPAC taps its No. 2, Elliot Brandt, to be its next CEO at uncertain time for US-Israel relations

Elliot Brandt, currently the AIPAC’s vice CEO, will succeed longtime CEO Howard Kohr, who is stepping down at year’s end after nearly 20 years leading the group.


Republicans push for ICC sanctioning bill while Dems, WH say legislation will hurt US interests

Johnson said he hopes President Biden listens to other Democrats who are denouncing the ICC and calling for actions. 

Trump is a convicted felon. Now what?

Donald Trump is the first former US president to be a convicted felon after he was found guilty of falsifying business records. Here's a look at what this could mean for his presidential campaign.


US congressional leaders invite Netanyahu to address joint meeting of Congress

The letter inviting Netanyahu was signed by Johnson, Democratic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell and House Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries.


New York jury finds Trump guilty in hush money criminal trial

The verdict plunges the United States into unexplored territory ahead of the Nov. 5 presidential election, when Trump, as Republican nominee, will face off incumbent Joe Biden.


Did the Abraham Accords cause October 7? AOC says 'absolutely'

AOC has accused Israel of committing genocide in Gaza in recent months and failed to condemn sexual violence committed by Hamas.

'Yup': Elon Musk affirms informal poll claiming pro-Hamas protesters are Democrat supporters

The informal poll found that 79.6% of X users believe that pro-Hamas protesters are supporters of the Democratic Party.

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