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 Malha with stadium and mall included

Malha: Jerusalem’s regenerated jewel

Neighborhood Corner: The name of the neighborhood is a distortion of the name of the Arab village al-Malha, upon the ruins of which the neighborhood was established.

The Tax Authority vs Ishay Ribo: Three luxury apartments in the crosshairs

Singer Ishay Ribo battles the Tax Authority at the Jerusalem District Court over his NIS 6.5M apartment purchase. The key question: what were they bought for?


'The prices of apartments in Cyprus to rise by double digits in coming years'

Bell Real Estate Group reports an annual average increase in apartment prices in Cyprus of 12.7%. What drives this price surge?

Excessively expensive, yet first-time home buyers have doubled over the past year

Despite soaring living costs, April saw 4,254 first-time home purchases—a 97% increase from last year. Which city tops the list for first-time buyers? The Chief Economist's report reveals all.

Ramat Rachel: The hilltop kibbutz that encapsulates Israel’s history

Neighborhood Corner: Perched on a hilltop, overlooking modern-day Jerusalem and Bethlehem, is the picturesque and historic kibbutz of Ramat Rachel. 

April sees a 78% surge in apartment sales, surprising amid wartime

Central Bureau of Statistics report shows a remarkable 78% increase in apartment sales in April 2024 compared to April 2023. Which cities saw the most sales during February-April 2024?

New Netanya neighborhood to feature huge park, medical center, employment hub

The Israel Land Authority's plan in Netanya includes 1,606 housing units, an employment district, a new medical center, and a vast metropolitan park spanning 18 hectares along the Ilanot stream.

Horror: 20,000 people live in this dystopian building and never leave

In Hangzhou, China, 20,000 residents live in a massive mixed-use building providing everything they need—supermarkets, stores, schools, offices, and gyms. What does the building look like?

Romema: Jerusalem's uplifting neighborhood

Neighborhood Corner: Romema serves as Jerusalem’s transportation hub, featuring the Jerusalem Central Bus Station, Chords Bridge, and a high-speed railway terminus.

Residents to gain new marina: Prestigious Sde Dov project approved

The local committee in Tel Aviv has approved a plan to restore the historic Riding anchorage and construct a new recreation and marine education complex, complete with a green boardwalk and more.

100% Israeli: Which local company launched a logistics center in the US?

For the first time, an Israeli shipping company is launching a logistics center in the US, providing importers and exporters in Israel the ability to store and manage inventory in the United States

Ready? Registration open for discounted apartment raffle

Registration for discounted apartments opens, with priority for reservists and a quarter allocated for the ultra-Orthodox community. Details in the article.

Filling in the gaps: How many foreign workers landed in Israel last week?

The Population and Immigration Authority reports progress in recruiting foreign workers for the construction industry, facing a severe shortage since October 7. About 2,000 arrived last week.

Undoubtedly the cheapest apartment sold in Israel in recent years

A 2.5-room apartment in Dimona, ground floor, 54 sqm, was sold for a remarkably low price, far below current market rates in Israel and significantly less than the average per square meter in Dimona.

In your city? 10 new urban renewal projects announced

Government Authority for Urban Renewal announces 10 new evacuation-construction complexes across five cities, replacing 1,169 existing apartments with 3,931 new units.

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