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One in five Israeli adults are smokers, rates climbing among haredi population

Israel falls behind in terms of smoking, as smoking rate in the US has declined significantly, with about 12.5% of adults currently smoking cigarettes, down from 20.9% in 2005.

In first, Israeli-invented laser opens blockage in leg arteries of patient, avoiding amputation

Already utilized on 100,00 patients in the US, the device is now approved for use for the first time in Israel. 

Beersheba’s Hagar bilingual school

Language development gaps widening among young Israeli children due to gov’t errors, lack of equity

Ensuring access to quality educational and healthcare frameworks for every child, regardless of their socioeconomic status, will provide an equal starting point, benefiting the children and society.

Bnei Zion Medical Center in Haifa: Giving a child painkillers before an operation reduces pain

A separate study showed that children who received spinal anesthesia had lower levels of stress hormones than those with general anesthesia.

What gut bacteria consist of may predict development of PTSD in children exposed to war

Children diagnosed with PTSD in early childhood and who displayed lower microbial diversity exhibited a chronic post-traumatic profile.

Noa Argamani does not have rehabilitation plan, expert says

Noa Argamani, former hostage held by Hamas and rescued by IDF, Yamam, and Shin Bet, does not have rehabilitation plan, doctor says


Biological processes linked to aging are vital for the regeneration of heart tissue, study finds

Researchers found that an “aging” mechanism known as senescence is activated for a short period of time following injury to the heart muscle of mice as a vital part of the heart’s healing process.

Euro 2024: Enjoy, but keep the TV at a healthy distance from your eyes

The world is glued to their screen for hours during the the European Football Championship. But does TV really cause nearsightedness and damage our eyes?

Joy, diversion, family: How to cope with the crisis of war

The mismanagement of the war up until now has cast a dark shadow on Israel, but it is still too early to give up.

Pasteurization may not clear bird flu virus from heavily infected milk

The US Food and Drug Administration surveyed pasteurized retail samples of milk and estimated that a fifth of the US milk supply contained strands of virus.

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