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Candace Owens, attacking 'pedophiles and perverts,' aims at Jewish sexologist

The conservative firebrand assailed Magnus Hirschfeld, the Weimar-era German-Jewish sexologist whose work was burned by Nazi brownshirts.

Intelligence test: Move only one match to fix the math equation

Match puzzles on TikTok have taken the web by storm. To solve this challenge correctly, move one match to form the correct equation.

Australian man has surgery to remove batteries from his urethra, left with disfigured penis

The 73-year-old man had to have his urethra removed after doctors removed the batteries from his penis.

Golf-Female pro's 'mansplaining' video hits hole-in-one with fans

Ball explained she was going through a swing change and followed it up with a perfect tee shot, to which the man responded: "See how much better that was?"


Women take part in Japan's 1,250-year-old 'naked festival' for first time

Japan's government last year said it would push to improve women's participation in society, after an annual report showed the country was struggling to narrow the gender gap.


Did a stingray get pregnant without a mate? The answer may surprise you

Charlotte the Stingray got pregnant despite not having a mate in eight years. How is this possible? Is this the second coming of Jesus, only in stingray form? Here's what you need to know.


King Charles should step aside for Prince Harry to be king, mystic says

King Charles cracking under pressure and may need to step down, but Harry is more suited for the throne than William numerologically, numerologist Ifat Orlov says.


A puzzle for smart people: Move just two matches to form seven squares

An puzzle shared on TikTok has gone viral. There are several matches in the puzzle – move two of them to make seven squares.

Together but apart: Israeli-Palestinian duo's West Bank story at Berlinale

The Berlinale festival selected the film shortly after the Israeli-Hamas war started.


Paul McCartney's stolen Beatles bass guitar found after 51 years

The instrument was stolen from a van in the Notting Hill area of London in October 1972, the search team said, citing information received during their investigation.

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