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Chronic stress can cause cancer spread - study

Cancer patients, especially, have many sources of severe stress, including worrying about their prognosis and enduring weeks of therapy. 

US achieves first moon landing in half century with private spacecraft

The proliferation of commercial space ventures has itself been driven by leaps in technology in recent decades.


Scientists find neutron star in heart of supernova, solving decades-old puzzle - study

The discovery of the neutron star at the center of the supernova finally puts to an end a mystery that has puzzled scientists for over three decades. 


Dwarf planets at Solar System's fringes may be geologically active - study

The dwarf planets in question, Eris and Makemake, are both found in the Kuiper Belt past Neptune's orbit and are far from the Sun's warmth, similar to fellow dwarf planet Pluto. 


How does reading with smart-glasses compare to reading on your mobile phone?

Researchers based at the University of Haifa have revealed that "smart glasses" have proven to be more difficult when walking and reading.

Private US moon lander reaches lunar orbit ahead of touchdown attempt

In a first, a private American company's moon lander achieved lunar orbit.


Asteroid the size of 6 peacocks to fly close to Earth on Thursday - NASA

Asteroid 2024 DW is the size of around six adult Indian peacocks and will fly within the Moon's orbit of the Earth on February 22, according to NASA.


This is the universe's brightest light, fueled by the hungriest black hole

Scientists have found a gigantic quasar 500 trillion times brighter than the Sun, fueled by the fastest-growing black hole known to exist.


Keep your cool: Anger in the workplace is viewed as inappropriate by employers

The findings indicate that employers and colleagues regard it as inappropriate, cold, an overreaction, and counter-instrumental for workplace goals.

Satellite the size of 6 tigers to crash into Earth's atmosphere Wednesday - ESA

Though the ERS-2 satellite is huge as far as space debris goes, it is expected to safely fall to the Earth without causing any harm or damage.

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