Israel-Hamas War

The Israel-Hamas war is an ongoing conflict between Israel and the Hamas terrorist organization based in Gaza. 

Dubbed by the IDF as Operation Swords of Iron, the war kicked off following the October 7 massacre, when Hamas terrorists infiltrated Israel on Simchat Torah, murdered at least 1,200 people, and took hundreds of others as hostages. 

Israel's goal in the war is the destruction of Hamas, with the IDF having launched a ground offensive into Gaza for the first time in years.

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‘Throw Qatar out of the equation’: Nir Barkat’s approach to Gaza's ‘day after’

Economy Minister Barkat claims Qatar has invested $1 trillion in an anti-Israel ‘soft war,' and believes that the first and most important strategic step is to knock Qatar out of the picture. 

Recovering October 7 victims’ bodies: Preserving the dignity of man - opinion

On a purely emotional level, the return of the bodies offers closure for families who have lived through a nightmarish mixture of doubt, dread, and unresolved trauma.

Hope is always our best option: Staying hopeful in Israel during a war

This war can inspire us to do things we may not otherwise have done.

  IDF soldiers operate in the Gaza Strip, May 23, 2024

Hostage families demand deal, IDF hits Hezbollah targets in Lebanon

IDF announces investigation into social media posts • White House again warns Israel against Rafah operation • ICJ rules against Gaza operation

Influencer Montana Tucker features freed Israeli hostage in a skincare promo

The post has garnered many positive reactions praising Tucker for bringing attention to the atrocities of Oct. 7 and the plight of the hostages, and negative reactions as well.


Israel sought justice, but the ICJ fell short - opinion

Israel provided the ICJ with evidence proving that it has done its best, way beyond the requirements set by international law, to keep civilians out of harm’s way.


Diaspora Jewish groups condemn ICJ ruling, but note it allows IDF action

AJC, SWU, CIJA said that the impetus was on Hamas to lay down its arms and end the war, and that Israel had a responsibility to continue the war until then.

‘Israel is all of us’: A refreshingly open conversation with a celebrated Italian journalist

'The world doesn’t seem to realize that Israel, with its nine million citizens, is fighting a battle for freedom and security for all of humanity,' Porro says.


Israeli entrepreneur reaches Mount Everest peak, dedicates journey to Nova massacre victim

After 12 years of work in hi-tech, Kraus embarked on a journey to conquer the seven highest peaks on each continent in 2020.

IDF investigates soldiers burning Quran, other books on camera in Gaza

The IDF responded on Friday, saying that it had ordered the Military Police to open an investigation into the clips.

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